Random flowers crochet necklace in Black and dark silver


A collection of random flowers crocheted together an a very unusual necklace. The random flower necklace has been a very popular design for years and a big favourite at Paperjewelz. It showcases creativity in every piece. It’s made more with mood than with planning so every piece is unique.

It’s a gorgeous necklace that’s easy to wear with almost anything at any time of the day. Very versatile and flexible. It can be worn higher- closer to the neck , or lower- depending on the neckline of the outfit. And it fabulous fun gift for your loved ones. 

A number of different components are used in every necklace from this collection. Hand crafted mainly from recycled paper and glass beads with Zari thread for crochet, the other components may be embroidery patches, crystals, mirrors, 3D paint, melon seeds, wires etc. The metal components are not hypoallergenic and do not touch the skin.  

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Weight 21 g
Dimensions 23 × 6 cm


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