Turquoise fringe Star Neckpiece in Green


A fun neckpiece in an elongated star shape. It’s been made in different variations for 20 years. This new version is truly unique, one of a kind. In the middle is a hand-painted mirror that can never be replicated. The fringe at the bottom gives it a fun, boho look. 

A very versatile neckpiece, it can be worn with any ensemble, ethnic or unconventional. And it makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. It can be worn closer to the neck or lower, depending on the outfit. 

Hand crafted from recycled paper, glass beads and raisin turquoise. The middle is a hand painted mirror. The only metal component is the stainless steel wire attaching the neckpiece to the tie-up thread, not hypoallergenic. The tie-up thread is 100% cotton, adjustable. 

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Weight 28 g
Dimensions 9 × 13 cm


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