About Paperjewelz

Edward De Bono once defined creativity very eloquently. He said, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” I have come across many people in my professional life, and each time I tell them about paper jewellery, the
reaction is always that of disbelief. But, as Edward De Bono says, I looked at paper in a
different way. I saw it as a medium for making jewellery.

I started this passion as a mere hobby when I was in college, with no intentions of selling it. Eventually, I started to sell, and before I knew it, this hobby had turned into a lifelong passion. At eighteen years of age, I was heavily inspired by my sisters, and especially my mother. I found my mother’s taste in fashion to be very intriguing and inspiring. Some of the jewellery she wore was exquisite and it just took my breath away.
A lot of my designs are inspired by her.
I am also inspired by Gypsy, African, and Egyptian jewellery, by the colorful and psychedelic influence of the sixties and seventies era.

Like all things, if handled with care, it can last as long and as you would like it to last. A few precautions have to be taken, such as, storing it in a box. If, under any circumstances, the jewellery gets wet, leave it out to dry.

Paper jewellery is very versatile. I try to create jewellery in as many different colors as possible so that it can be worn more easily with all sorts of attire.

The wonderful thing about this jewellery is that a particular design that looks absolutely breathtaking on a Sari may look equally appealing on something less formal or Western.

Paperjewelz is not at all limited to any age group. My jewellery is for everybody to enjoy and experience.
This jewellery is environmentally friendly. I recycle used paper by cutting it into to strips of all different sizes which I roll into cylindrical/cone beads. These beads are then joined together in all different sorts of shapes and sizes to suit the design. I also use things such as melon seeds glass beads, sequins, and crystals to add to the decorative appeal of the design.

Paperjewelz is now shipping worldwide.