Small Bling Flower earrings in Orange and Green

750.00 Including 3% GST

Bling earrings for lifting the mood in the day or enjoying a fun night out with family and friends. These earrings are made for fun, worn for drama and enjoyed every time! Once you enjoy a Bling Flower by Paperjewelz you will want them in all the colours! You can never have just one.

The earrings have a chunky look but both earrings together weigh  only 10g. The small crystals used are Preciosa From Czech Republic, they have a very subtle but intense shine.

The flower is made from recycled paper with a glass crystals. The hook is a steel wire which is not hypoallergenic.

Add a 92.5 % Silver Hook to your earrings

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This item: Small Bling Flower earrings in Orange and Green

1 in stock

750.00 Including 3% GST
750.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Stone drop Earrings in Copper
A funky flower variation by Paperjewelz with different semi-precious stones.  Handcrafted with recycled paper, embroidery patches and semi-precious stones- Quartz crystal, rose quartz and citrine. the hook is stainless steel wire, not hypoallergenic. Adding a silver hook will reduce the length by 1 cm.  Silver hook addition Archives - PAPERJEWELZ

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850.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Boho flower fringe earrings in shades of green
Very Boho-chic earrings in  shades of Green with a long dramatic hook for that element of drama. Unique, Unusual and simply fabulous! Awesome for any time of the day, an evening out with friends and family or a gift of pure happiness for someone you love. It has a bold look but it's very light and comfortable to wear. Most of the earring is made from recycled paper with some glass beads and crystals. The hook is stainless steel, not hypoallergenic.

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900.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Spiral hoop fringe in Purple and Crimson
A Paperjewelz signature style, these spiral and fringe earrings are versatile, fun, fashionable and add some funk to any attire at any time of the day or night.  They are handcrafted from recycled paper with glass beads and sequins. The spiral wire hoop is nickel free but not hypoallergenic.   

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800.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Red Stripe Earrings
Funky, light, colourful and easy , these earrings are available in many colour combinations.  Handcrafted from recycled paper with crystal. The hook is not hypoallergenic. It can be changed to a 92.5% silver hook.  

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600.00 Including 3% GST

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 6 × 3 cm


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