Cabochon Flower in Green and Gold

600.00 Including 3% GST

Bright little flower earrings to brighten up your day. Loved and enjoyed as office wear, with casuals and perfect as little gifts of happiness. Light and comfortable, funky and smart, versatile and sustainable fashion. 

The recycled paper flower has a glass center with a print behind it. The hook is stainless steel, not hypoallergenic. 

Add a 92.5 % Silver Hook to your earrings

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This item: Cabochon Flower in Green and Gold

1 in stock

600.00 Including 3% GST
600.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Geometric Hoop Earrings in Gold
Geometric Gold Earrings with a spiral hoop, Dramatic! Spectacular! Fabulous! Unique! And awesome at any time of the day with any ensemble. Long but light, Huge but comfortable, can add to any fashionable look- chic, cool, boho. A conversation starter for sure or a gift for a loved one. These earrings are made from recycled paper, the hook is a brass spiral, not hypoallergenic.

1 in stock

800.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Kundan fringe in Gold
Medium length Earrings in a nice subtle neutral gold, easy to wear and versatile. Can accessorize any look at any time of the day! The fringe is handcrafted, recycled paper with Glass beads, the "kundan" piece on top has a metal base, with a standard nickel free hook. The metal components are not hypoallergenic.

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700.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Woven Turquoise Fringe in Gold
A very vibrant combination of colours in a design inspired by Indian, Egyptian and African jewellery, a true celebration of the essence of Paperjewelz! This necklace is very versatile and can be enjoyed with casuals or formals. It is light and comfortable to wear. It is unique and bold, turning heads and starting conversations.... To be enjoyed by everyone! There are no metal components in this necklace. It has been handcrafted with recycled paper and glass beads. The stone used is a synthetic turquoise. The tie up thread is 100% cotton yarn, it is long so that this necklace is adjustable on any size of neck. Make up and styling by @medha_g_seth 

Available on backorder

2,200.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Kundan African strings in Ivory and Gold
A statement necklace in a classic combination of Ivory and gold, with a choker attached made of kundan pieces. This style of necklace goes beautifully with sarees and other Indian traditional and formal ensemble, but some enjoy it with dresses too. It adds that little bit of bling and drama, sits high on the neck and fans out gracefully over the shoulders. A favorite of many, this necklace never fails to turn heads and start conversations at parties or weddings.  The look is very heavy but the weight is non-existent for a necklace of this size. Style it up! This necklace is made from recycled paper and glass beads. The choker part on top has pieces made of metal, it is not hypoallergenic. Besides these pieces there are no other metal components  used.  If it's out of stock, please contact us or message through the messenger button on the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Available on backorder

2,900.00 Including 3% GST

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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 cm


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