Mayan Spiral Hoops

700.00 Including 3% GST

A one of a kind pair of earrings with a crazy spiral hoop. These earrings are in a triangle pyramid shape that’s very contemporary but the burnished gold colour makes it very easy to wear with anything, daytime or for parties. 

Hand crafted from recycled paper, these earrings are weightless even though they are long. The hoop is made from brass wire, it is not hypoallergenic.

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This item: Mayan Spiral Hoops

1 in stock

700.00 Including 3% GST
700.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Kundan Webwork Necklace in Silvers
A beautiful bling necklace, dramatic and spectacular, this necklace has a very complimentary shape that settles in a web pattern tapering down the front. The bling elements are Kundan pieces and tiny mirrors scattered across the design. This has been a best seller for years and appreciated by many.  The necklace has been handcrafted with recycled paper, with glass beads. The Kundan pieces are not hypoallergenic. The thread tie up is 100% cotton, it can extend the size of the necklace for that perfect fit. When ordered this necklace takes 2-3 working days to make. 

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2,100.00 Including 3% GST
1 × The African Python Statement Necklace in Ivory and Black
The African Python necklace is absolutely stunning! It's a very special African Art inspired piece that is among the most difficult and labour intensive creations by Paperjewelz. It is usually made on order, with client specification for colour combinations. It takes between 5-8 days to construct, precision is key.  This necklace is a statement piece, stunning, dramatic and a rare beauty. Despite being so big , it weighs only 157 g. It had been handcrafted from recycled paper and glass beads. This necklace has no Metal components, its only Paper, Glass beads and thread. The thread tie up at the back is adjustable, 100% cotton. The African Python Necklace is available mostly on order, colour combination customization is possible. Please email us though "Contact us" send a Message though the Messenger Chat button on the bottom right of the screen.  

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5,500.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Kundan African strings in Ivory and Gold
A statement necklace in a classic combination of Ivory and gold, with a choker attached made of kundan pieces. This style of necklace goes beautifully with sarees and other Indian traditional and formal ensemble, but some enjoy it with dresses too. It adds that little bit of bling and drama, sits high on the neck and fans out gracefully over the shoulders. A favorite of many, this necklace never fails to turn heads and start conversations at parties or weddings.  The look is very heavy but the weight is non-existent for a necklace of this size. Style it up! This necklace is made from recycled paper and glass beads. The choker part on top has pieces made of metal, it is not hypoallergenic. Besides these pieces there are no other metal components  used.  If it's out of stock, please contact us or message through the messenger button on the bottom right corner of the screen. 

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2,900.00 Including 3% GST
1 × The Empress necklace in Antique silver
Bold and extravagant, this necklace is a big statement and a half! It's royal, regal look never fails to turn heads! Intricate threading through paper, glass beads and semi precious stones, this necklace has a complicated, stylish look. Precision and perfection are key to a necklace of this size and intricacy.  The Empress necklace has been handcrafted from recycled paper with glass beads and semiprecious stones- Quartz crystal . There are no metal components. 

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3,600.00 Including 3% GST

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Weight 12 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 cm


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