Spikey Earrings with Turquoise in Charcoal

500.00 Including 3% GST

Long and slim Spikey earrings with a funky raisin turquoise stone, these earrings are versatile, very boho and fun to wear. 

Handcrafted from recycled paper, glass beads and raisin turquoise. The metal hook is not hypoallergenic. 

Silver hook addition Archives – PAPERJEWELZ

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This item: Spikey Earrings with Turquoise in Charcoal

1 in stock

500.00 Including 3% GST
500.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Turquoise ring fringe Earrings in Hot Pink
The Turquoise ring fringe is a combination of beautiful shades in a long dramatic earring. These earrings are fun and versatile, awesome for every occasion. The colours are a mix of vibrant and subtle making it a favourite of many. The turquoise stone ring is synthetic turquoise. The rest is handcrafted from Recycled paper and glass beads. The steel hook used is not hypoallergenic but nickel free. To add a silver hook to this please go to the link below.

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900.00 Including 3% GST
1 × Shelly Bali in Purple
Shelly Bali is a Paperjewelz favourite inspired by African art and culture. It is fondly named after a friend who was the first to pick up several colours for herself. Beautiful! Funky! Dramatic! Earrings for every occasion! The best part about these hoops is that they are embellished on both sides. And being much lighter than the African version , they are a lot more comfortable to wear.  If you are looking for a bigger size or another colour, please contact us.  

1 in stock

850.00 Including 3% GST

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 9 × 1.5 cm


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