The Snakeskin necklace- Kundan variation

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A spectacular necklace that drapes along the contours of the body. It’s one of those special pieces that makes heads turn, its a conversation starter for sure!!! A delicate shimmer of mirrors and kundan pieces add an element of bling to the necklace.  Unusual and dramatic, it has a heavy look but weighs only 113 g. The design is made in a way that it compliments every size and shape of body, always dramatic, always sexy, always stunning!

This necklace is about 40 cm round the neck but can be worn lower another 20 cm. The length down the front is 70 cm but can be increased by another 10 cm.

The tie up thread is 100% cotton yarn. Handcrafted with recycled paper and glass beads in a net pattern. The only metal components in this necklace are the Kundan pieces in a few rows to add weight for the necklace to drape in a complimentary way. These pieces are not hypoallergenic.  

There are other versions and colours of this style coming soon to this website. There are 3 different size variations. Dark silver is the other colour coming soon in this collection.

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Weight 113 g
Dimensions 40 × 74 cm


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