Sustainable fashion since 1992

Paperjewelz started as a hobby in September 1992, the first paper to be rolled were MBA preparation notes, followed closely by balance sheets and the Telephone directory! The concept of recycling has always been very important to Paperjewelz. Old necklaces were redone, stones were reused, paper was up-cycled. Sustainable Fashion wasn’t even a concept when Paperjewelz made it’s way into the Fashion pages.

The inspiration to roll and recycle paper into cylinders came from Tibetan Jewellery bone beads. In 1992 there wasn’t much of an eco-friendly concept in fashion. Paperjewelz got popular because of the light and funky designs. With mentors like Poonam Bhagat and Arti Shantakumar of O.M.O. Paperjewelz was able to evolve and become an interesting brand with unique jewellery that are like works of art.

Featured in Fashion Shows for Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Suneet Varma, Poonam Bhagat, Aki Narula and many other prominent designers Paperjewelz accessories came to the forefront. Newspaper articles and features in fashion magazines kept the trendy quotient up.

Inspiration and support came from everywhere starting with close family and friends. Jewellery and art from all over the world lead to some very unusual pieces. The flower power era of 60s and 70s , Egyptian, tribal, African, American Indian, Traditional. Paperjewelz has elements of everything in the same piece of jewellery, therefore it has a truly international appeal. The jewellery can be worn with casual or formal, traditional or trendy. It’s about personal & individual style statement.

Besides India, Paperjewelz has been sold internationally in USA, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, UK, Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Uruguay

Paperjewelz believes that every piece made should be a work of art and enjoyed by those who adorn it.